Mykonos Experience




Mykonos: Christmas & New Year by the seaside

When laying under the burning sun at one of the exquisite beaches of Mykonos, with the transparent azure fresh water and the golden sand whispering promises for a perfect holiday, you cannot easily imagine this fascinating island in “Xmas” mode! Yet, welcoming the Holy Child and then the New Year in this corner of the…

Have you met Peter(s) from Mykonos?

Few of you may have heard that one of Mykonos first celebrity residents —and lifetime mascot— is Peter, the super-famous pelican!   Watching a proud pelican strolling down the main alley of Chora —Mykonos’s capital— with his tall, little head looking around almost as if he knows he is being admired by the crowds, is…

What kids love about Mykonos

Mykonos may have earned the reputation of a top destination for party lovers, but this doesn’t mean it is not a paradise also for families. What follows is a list of places to go and things to do that your children will love!   Swimming and Water Sports   It is said that Mykonos has…