Mykonos Experience




Mykonos: the most instagrammable summer destination

Look at the girl in the astonishing hand-knitted bikini swimming next to you… She looks somehow familiar, doesn’t she? She wears huge sunglasses, and you cannot be sure about her identity — but later, as you relax by scrolling down on your Instagram pages, you realize that the half stranger swimmer was no other than…

Sailing around Mykonos and the Aegean Sea

From the moment you arrive in Mykonos, your soul will be captured by the endless blue horizon; the sunny blue skies, the deep, crystal blue color of the Aegean Sea, and its “floating” rocks that form the spectacular surrounding Cycladic islands. Most visitors feel the instant desire to “grow wings”, as they say, so that…

The art of architecture in Mykonos

The first impression when looking at Mykonos from above is of a canvas of white square patches, interrupted by azure blue church domes, glittering swimming pools and the open “arms” of the emblematic windmills. It wasn’t always like this though.   Some centuries ago, the island was filled with imposing castles, built to keep away…