Mykonos Experience




Make a fresh start in Mykonos!

Making a fresh start involves leaving behind a dull job, a worn-out relationship, or even enduring a cold, rainy winter that offers no respite. In a more “esoteric” sense, making a fresh start can mean disembarking from a plane or ferry at an international airport or the new port of Mykonos. Just by breathing in…

“I do!” Throwing the wedding party of your dreams in Mykonos

Throwing any party in Mykonos is a guaranteed lifetime experience! On this beautiful island with the amazing coastline, the long golden sandy beaches, the luxury venues and wild nightlife anyone can enjoy a royal treatment and create unparalleled memories that will last for an eternity! Especially where weddings are concerned, Mykonos is listed among the…

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You can recognize them especially on grey rainy days, when Central Europe seems to have lost its sun plug: They are the ones with an almost totally faded yet still shining sun tanned face, or those gracefully moving as if they are still swimming in the blue seas, or those whistling a tune that was…