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29 Dec

“I do!” Throwing the wedding party of your dreams in Mykonos

Throwing any party in Mykonos is a guaranteed lifetime experience! On this beautiful island with the amazing coastline, the long golden sandy beaches, the luxury venues and wild nightlife anyone can enjoy a royal treatment and create unparalleled memories that will last for an eternity! Especially where weddings are concerned, Mykonos is listed among the […]

27 Oct

Till next time!

You can recognize them especially on grey rainy days, when Central Europe seems to have lost its sun plug: They are the ones with an almost totally faded yet still shining sun tanned face, or those gracefully moving as if they are still swimming in the blue seas, or those whistling a tune that was […]

4 Aug

Mykonos: a dress-code to remember

To start with, in Mykonos there is absolutely no dress code! As long as you choose funky and extravagant, glittering and flashy, fashionably chic and irresistibly sexy, you deserve to be a member of the iconic Mykonian tribe that floods every summer the super-famous amazing beaches, the picturesque alleys, the fancy restaurants and the notorious […]

23 Jun

Mykonos: the most instagrammable summer destination

Look at the girl in the astonishing hand-knitted bikini swimming next to you… She looks somehow familiar, doesn’t she? She wears huge sunglasses, and you cannot be sure about her identity — but later, as you relax by scrolling down on your Instagram pages, you realize that the half stranger swimmer was no other than […]

4 May

Sailing around Mykonos and the Aegean Sea

From the moment you arrive in Mykonos, your soul will be captured by the endless blue horizon; the sunny blue skies, the deep, crystal blue color of the Aegean Sea, and its “floating” rocks that form the spectacular surrounding Cycladic islands. Most visitors feel the instant desire to “grow wings”, as they say, so that […]

28 Feb

The art of architecture in Mykonos

The first impression when looking at Mykonos from above is of a canvas of white square patches, interrupted by azure blue church domes, glittering swimming pools and the open “arms” of the emblematic windmills. It wasn’t always like this though.   Some centuries ago, the island was filled with imposing castles, built to keep away […]

14 Dec

Mykonos: Christmas & New Year by the seaside

When laying under the burning sun at one of the exquisite beaches of Mykonos, with the transparent azure fresh water and the golden sand whispering promises for a perfect holiday, you cannot easily imagine this fascinating island in “Xmas” mode! Yet, welcoming the Holy Child and then the New Year in this corner of the […]

1 Sep

Have you met Peter(s) from Mykonos?

Few of you may have heard that one of Mykonos first celebrity residents —and lifetime mascot— is Peter, the super-famous pelican!   Watching a proud pelican strolling down the main alley of Chora —Mykonos’s capital— with his tall, little head looking around almost as if he knows he is being admired by the crowds, is […]

17 Jun

What kids love about Mykonos

Mykonos may have earned the reputation of a top destination for party lovers, but this doesn’t mean it is not a paradise also for families. What follows is a list of places to go and things to do that your children will love!   Swimming and Water Sports   It is said that Mykonos has […]

26 Feb

Take a walk on Mykonos’ glorious past

When talking about Mykonos most people think of its amazing coastline with the endless sandy beaches and transparent azure seas, its majestic sunsets and rocking nightlife and its pure luxury lifestyle.   But there is much more to this: being in Greece, this excitingly beautiful island of the Aegean shares a rich heritage that includes […]