Take a walk on Mykonos’ glorious past

When talking about Mykonos most people think of its amazing coastline with the endless sandy beaches and transparent azure seas, its majestic sunsets and rocking nightlife and its pure luxury lifestyle.


But there is much more to this: being in Greece, this excitingly beautiful island of the Aegean shares a rich heritage that includes a fascinating mythology, wisdom springing from ancient times, unique monuments attracting millions of visitors and a civilization that influenced the course of history. A guided tour to the neighboring Delos Island, birthplace of the ancient gods Apollo and Artemis, will be proof enough of the magic hidden in this exceptional spot of the Cycladic complex.


During ancient times Mykonos, like the rest of the area, developed a great culture, reflected in the many treasures found in archaeological excavations. In 1207, the Cyclades were occupied by Venetians, who were followed in 1537 it by the Turks. In 1839, 18 years after the notorious revolution, Greece became an independent state. And after the two world wars, Mykonos started building its modern history as one of the top world destinations, with a legendary, glorious past.


So, once you get here, take some time from spending long hours of sunbathing on the golden, sandy spectacular beaches of this beautiful island, shopping in its boutique shops and trying the mouthwatering local delicacies to visit parts of this history that among other includes:


  • Delos Island, with the breathtaking archaeological site that offers what may be the most stunning sunset view in the world.
  • The famous Armenistis Lighthouse, still functioning and beautiful.
  • The Archeological Museum which is one of the oldest in Greece and contains, among other, pottery treasures from the Cyclades, found in the neighboring Rhenia island.
  • The Aegean Maritime Museum, about the history of the merchant ships in the Aegean archipelago and
  • Paraportiani church, one of the most picturesque in Greece, famous for its architectural design.