4 Children-friendly activities in Mykonos

For all those thinking that Mykonos is an “adult-only” island, where partying and drinking never stop and where there is 24-7 frenzy in bars, restaurants, night clubs, and beaches, we have news: this is not what this amazing Cycladic Island is all about! Discover the children-friendly activities which the magical island of Mykonos offers, and live a unique experience with your kids!

4 activities to do with Children in Mykonos

-Just take your children to any playground in Chora (Mykonos Town) and you will be met by open-hearted locals who will ask them to play with their own kids and even treat them with huge ice cream!
-Choose one of the spectacular “family beaches”, like Agios Ioannis, Platys Gialos, Agios Stefanos, and many others, where children can enjoy an exciting variety of water sports activities while you can relax, reading your favorite book.
-Go with your “tribe” on a sailing cruise around the nearby islands and, when on shore, treat yourselves to the mouthwatering taste of souvlaki — one of the most famous Greek delicacies consisting of a crispy pie wrapped around juicy pork or chicken meat bites with tomato, onions, tzatziki sauce, and fried potatoes.
-And when back at your suite allows them to enjoy an early evening swim at the swimming pool.

Activities for all ages in Mykonos

The same –and even more— applies with “bigger kids”

Mykonos is a multi-dimensional place that attracts millions of visitors through its thousand faces. It is, at the same time, a paradise, an inspiration, a hideout, and a “soul spa”.

Mykonos offers its unique beauties to those who can appreciate them: long sandy beaches, with crystal clear waters, picturesque alleys with whitewashed houses, humble chapels and small churches with azure blue domes, sea-washed fish taverns and elegant 5-star restaurants, monasteries and historical monuments, featuring the ancient temple of Apollo in the nearby Delos Island, from where the sunset is pure magic.

Mykonos is also the place of endless activities: sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing, water skiing, horse riding and a thousand more, for all ages and… qualifications! Most of all, however, Mykonos is its people; warm-hearted and always smiling, with hospitality running in their blood, they feel proud for their island and love treating their guests like royals!

At Mykonos Cactus, we are at your disposal to suggest more children-friendly activities, or even hire a nanny who will look after your little ones while you are out for a walk through the more wild side of Mykonos!