Make a fresh start in Mykonos!

Making a fresh start involves leaving behind a dull job, a worn-out relationship, or even enduring a cold, rainy winter that offers no respite. In a more “esoteric” sense, making a fresh start can mean disembarking from a plane or ferry at an international airport or the new port of Mykonos. Just by breathing in the energy of this unique island, which remains one of the world’s top destinations for discerning travelers, you immediately grasp the essence of a fresh start.

Particularly in spring, as the temperature rises, a gentle breeze blows, and the shimmering surface of the sea beckons you for a rejuvenating swim, you know that you are in the perfect place to begin anew. Since last March, the locals have been preparing for the new season, so everything appears brand new; from their whitewashed houses with planted yards to the fancy resorts, clubs, and beach bars eagerly awaiting the arrival of the wild party groups, usually arriving in early July. Until then, Mykonos is yours to enjoy, at its absolute best, with the sun shining and the stunning colors of its precious, rare flora creating a breathtaking canvas out of the extraordinary landscape. Feel free to embrace your true self, clear your mind of winter thoughts, and embark on a fresh start by savoring an espresso lungo on the terrace of a private villa, offering a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea.

Mykonos in the spring also offers numerous unique opportunities. You can leisurely stroll through the picturesque alleys, pausing to explore the incredible boutiques, without being pushed by the crowd. You can select your preferred table at the most fancy restaurants by the port, and even request your favorite song at one of the state-of-the-art nightclubs. There is ample time and space for your desires to be fulfilled, as early visitors to Mykonos receive royal treatment — maybe because they are recognized as true connoisseurs of the art of living.

Regardless of the duration of your stay on this enchanting island, each morning will feel like the start of a new holiday, with exciting opportunities for personalized activities, such as individual scuba diving or parachute lessons, and the awe-inspiring experience of an exclusive guided tour of the ancient ruins on the nearby sacred Delos Island. It is then that you will truly understand the profound meaning of a fresh start!