It’s never too late for Mykonos!

Don’t mind about what the calendar says; don’t hide yet your swimsuits and don’t rush to save and close your summer photos album! There is still enough time to disregard the melancholy of the coming autumn and plan a most fantastic escape in the Cyclades.For those with limited love for geography, the Cyclades is a group of islands in the Aegean Sea that form a “circle” (cycle) around the small, uninhabited island of Delos. It was there that according to Greek mythology Apollo, the ancient god of music, was born. Delos is a very short ferry ride from Mykonos, where the legend of Greek tourism was born and is still thriving.

“Many lovers of the island insist that fall might be
the absolutely perfect time to be in Mykonos”

Mykonos is a great choice for September and October getaways

First of all, the weather is usually very mild; high temperatures during the day, dazzling sunshine, warm seas, calm winds compared to the fury of the strong north winds that blow in August, called ‘Meltemi’. Nothing, except maybe the spectacular purple colors of the sunset, indicates the ending of the season. On the contrary; there is still a lot of swimming, sunbathing and beach partying, nightclubbing, water sporting, fine dining, irresistible shopping and all the high energy activities that make Mykonos such an exceptional place to visit!

Things to do in Mykonos in autumn

In fact, many lovers of the island insist that fall might be the absolutely perfect time to be there because you get all the beauty without the crowd. For instance, you can stroll around the tiny alleys of the capital Hora (aka Mykonos Town) without being pushed! The same applies to enjoy drinks in one of the elegant bars or trying local delicacies in a fine restaurant. Don’t miss to visit legendary spots, like the windmills, the neighborhood of Little Venice and the Panagia Paraportiani church, in the old castle of the island.

One of the most recommended attractions for this time of the year is also a guided tour to the breathtaking Delos Island, where ancient ruins have beautiful stories to tell; exciting stories like the ones you will be telling to your friends, while showing them pictures from this fascinating escape to one of the hottest paradises on earth!