Discover Mykonos: an all-year-round paradise!

If paradise is a place where the skies are almost always blue, the friendly sea is crystal clear and the sun is constantly shining, then it must be Mykonos!

There is definitely something magical about Mykonos; located in the Cycladic archipelago, this little dry rock looks from above like a brilliant gem that someone dropped from the sky, to be found and cherished by the world’s most demanding travelers. Could it be its neighboring with the sacred island of Delos, which according to Greek mythology was the birthplace of Apollo, god of music and Artemis, goddess of hunting? Could it be its golden sand beaches and whitewashed chapels, hanging from unfriendly cliffs, where only wild goads can climb? Or is it its unique climate that doesn’t let tough winters, cold winds or heavy rainfalls last more than a (very) few days in a row?
These and much more make Mykonos an all-year-round paradise where every season has its own magical treasure to be discovered. Let’s take for instance the spring and summer season; and don’t forget to register for the spectacular party that is about to begin:  

  • In March, the wind may be still crispy —especially in the early morning or late evening— but it is a great time to take long walks under the sun, watching the traditional fishing boats coming in after a long night’s fishing trip. The deep blue color of the sky is fascinating at this time of the year!
  • April is the time when you will love seeing old ladies painting their home yards white while enjoying their coffee, chatting with their neighbors under the sun and taking care of their blooming flowers. This year, April is also the month of Easter celebration which means that you should not miss the sad rituals of the Holy Week and the colorful feasts of Easter day!  
  • May is the time to welcome the first crowds that fly to Mykonos from all over the world. The sea is warming up, and so does the non-stop partying atmosphere! For swimming lovers this is an ideal time of the year, as the waters are so crystal clear that you don’t need a mask to discover their hidden treasures. 

June is for many travelers the ideal month for a holiday in Mykonos! Perfect weather, warmer seas, not yet overcrowded beaches, bar and restaurants; in one word, wonderful easy living just before the July-August frenzy that will make you want to keep coming back again and again! 

What are you waiting for? Book your stay with us and get ready for an unforgettable experience in this blessed island!